Jun 2, 2015

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All-Chakra Tantra ~ Experience Divine Love’s Weaving

All-Chakra Tantra ~ Experience Divine Love’s Weaving
All-Chakra Tantra: Experience Divine Love’s Weaving  ~ Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. & Janet Kira Lessin

 Catherine_Andrews_Coalesce Overview

In All-Chakra Tantra, we recognize, cherish, coordinate and integrate the chakras and apply what they energize-–security, sex, power, love, talk, understanding and unity–-to enlighten ourselves, our lovers and the world.Tantra charges all our chakras. From our chakras–energy centers that resonate our perineum, genitals, belly, heart, throat, forehead and crown–we libate coherent geysers of light, geysers that fountain up our spines and meet the love-lights our beloveds as we  merge.  We connect in river of consciousness and sweep together into the ocean of life.


In our eclectic Tantra, we center ourselves, waken each chakra and let them to flow to raise our consciousness, our lovers’ consciousness, the spiritual level of our community, humanity’s morphogenic field, the consciousness of the planet, galaxy and Universe, to participate in divine play.

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