Jun 1, 2015

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Principle XII ~ Honor The Earth, Its Creatures and Features

Principle XII ~ Honor The Earth, Its Creatures and Features

peaceonearthanimalsPrinciple XII ~ HONOR THE EARTH, ITS CREATURES AND FEATURES by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D.

[Inspired by Russell, P., The Global Brain, Los Angeles: Tarcher, 1983.]

Earth lives, grows, thinks.

Biologists define living systems as ingesting, digesting, using, excreting matter and energy, sensing the environment, coding, storing and retrieving information. Earth does all these–ingests, digests, uses (converts to energy)and excretes matter. Humanity’s part of her self-reflective tissue–a cortical neuron net.

Identify with Earth, Gaia. As Gaia, contemplate your existence.

Notice your circulation, elimination, growth, temperature-regulation, learning, energy-exchanges.

Watch the pains and promise of humanity.

Earth with animals 3BBWhat, as Gaia, do you want? Why? What do you need?

What do you resent about people? What do you demand? Appreciate? Tell humans what you want them to know.

Identify, again, with yourself as the journeyer. As yourself, imagine Gaia’s essence concentrating, till it’s a small sphere. Absorb the sphere into your heart, into a place in your heart where you and she can keep sharing.


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