Jun 1, 2015

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Principle X ~ Honor All Consciousness; Make Amends to Women, Handicapped & Minorities; Share Gifts



Subcultures, ethnic groups, social classes and sexual categories have diverse customs and linguistic charts of reality: they thereby have unique contributions for humanity. You grow by accepting the worth of your subcultures and those of others. All-Chakra Tantra directs you to identify with the consciousness of such groups.

First, consciously identify with your own group’s distinctness.

Next, accept the distinctness of other groups. Reflect on your group from their perspectives.

Let the various ethnic and cultural groups dialogue in your mind until you realize you are a consciousness that includes them all.
The exercise below is best done with several partners.

Recall the history of your people (subculture, class or sexual category). lmagine their struggles, challenges and experiences from the beginning until now. Realize how they changed and how they stayed the same. Notice their special gifts.

Be aware of what you, as the personification of your group’s heritage and experience, have to contribute to humanity.

Tell the others what you are like, what you want what you really need, and what you have to give the species. As the spirit of your people, speak earnestly with representatives of other ethnic, class and sexual categories.

As the spirit of your group, state your existence and potential contributions to humanity. Say how you can cooperation better with other groups.

by Janet Kira Lessin

I live a tantric life. My husband’’s my tantric devotee; he worships and adores me. We make love at least twice each day. Our deep connection, nurtured by tantra and the yoga of service (bhakti) Sasha practices, nourish my heart and expand my soul. My co-husband, WindDancer, loves me each day too. So when I advertise tantra and sixty men but only two women inquire, I feel frustrated, frustrated because I know what most women miss when they avoid tantra.

Women get more from tantra than men. Tantra got popular on Earth when the tantric practices of the gods were promoted here for us humans by the goddess Inanna–not some man or even by a male god. Tantra –and polyamory as well–are extremely supportive of women. Yet how can I explain that to you women when you’re so conditioned to fear sex? Tantra–making love, experiencing your lover surrender to his own sexual goddess–is precisely what you need. Tantra can create most what you want most–love, security and intimacy.

Unfortunately the public mind associates tantra with prostitution. Women don’t respond to my tantra ads as enthusiastically as men because the word “tantra” brings to mind sex workers’ pitch that tantra’s a method of ejaculatory control. A sex worker may even rap about energy and chakras to promote sessions. She advertises in newspaper adult sections. She says she’ll train a man to control ejaculation but in the session gives him a hand job till he fails at control. I urge sex workers who use tantra in their sessions to stop using tantra as a prostitution buzzword. Instead, support couples and primary relationships more, rather than take money so men can lie, cheat and sneak behind their partners. Perhaps you could help them communicate and make love better. Truth frees us all.

Since I live a tantric life with a tantric partner, I know that tantra, done right, fulfills women. Women need lots more love, attention and affection than they’’ve been getting. A woman’s life is tough, full of hard work; she gets little appreciation.

When a man becomes her devotee, his life runs smoother. He creates a circle, a bond of sacred love. He appreciates his woman and women in general. He learns how to access, in himself, her genius, innate wisdom, oneness with nature, people and the universe.

Men and women think differently. Our brains operate differently. Women’s brains naturally allow data flow over the corpus callosum between the right and left cerebral hemispheres. Boy’s brains are more segmented and slowly develop lateral, feminine thinking over time, unless the they learn feminine thinking in relationship with a woman or the feminine side of another man. Women also naturally connect more to the sensitive, emotional side of life than do men.

When a man connects in tantra with a woman, he weaves his own inner feminine into his life. He uses her multilinear emotional, intuitive model help him feel more, think more creatively. When a man taps into the feminine through his goddess, he integrates his inner feminine thinking and sensitivity to feelings into his conscious choices (while she absorbs the lessons of his segmented, linear, focused thinking). Tantra involves consciously weaving their separate consciousnesses into a paired consciousness broader than reaches alone. They live in partnership, balanced within and equals on their team.

If a man is tantric devotee to his goddess, she gets more orgasmic and eager to make love. When she directs the action, she naturally wants to be closer. If he enters his woman’s world and is sweet, loving, and sexually tantric, he gets the sex, love and intimacy he, too, craves. Their dance flows naturally; they find giving and receiving are the same, two sides of the same coin. They both give and receive more. And since they make love more, the day’s stress chemicals dissipate. She relaxes about work, kids. So women do get more from tantra.

Tantra can benefit individuals and humanity. In tantra we slow things down, help women especially satisfy their needs to be heard, understood, emphasized with and elicit healing behavioral requests to get more of their needs met. While it works both ways, we begin with learning how to serve the Goddess to help heal the wounds that have come about as a result of living in a very patriarchical world.

On top of it all, there are so many men worthy, showing up, willing to learn tantra, to be there in service to the Goddess, heal ancient wounds that separate the masculine and the feminine, within and without, throughout this world, personally, interpersonally, globally. Ladies, the men are waiting for you. Love abounds.

The best thing I can suggest for men is to go ahead and get the training for themselves. Then as life opens more to them teach women that come to them individually, privately. That’s how I was first made aware of tantra. I thank the men who came into my life (circa 1991-1995), that made me more conscious and aware of the possibilities for myself that came from learning tantra. These men were so brave, learned tantra as a discipline for themselves and were instrumental in my growth. Mahalo, kudos to these incredible men that came into my life.

I am in hog heaven with my tantric family and global community. Please understand that while I’m sensual and may share love, energy and enjoy being in an erotic atmosphere with many, I don’t have intercourse with everyone. I’m very picky when it comes to sharing my body and exchanging fluids, for both health and energetic reasons. When I love I love deeply, intensely, passionately, profoundly. I’m very loyal. I’m intense with strong emotions. I get very involved.

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