Jun 1, 2015

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Principle VI ~ Rescript Pastlife Programs & Archetypal Dramas & Become Present

Principle VI ~ Rescript Pastlife Programs & Archetypal Dramas & Become Present


[Inspired by Woolger, R., Other Lives, Other Selves, New York: Doubleday, 1987]

When you practice All-Chakra Tantra meditation and Holotropic Breathwork, you may see pastlife images–images of you and people you know, but in other bodies in earlier lives. You picture prior lives when you had traits and feelings you still have.

Pastlives portray present problems and pleasures. A pastlife can exaggerate and explain your agony, ecstasy, confusion or compulsion. You can feel current, childhood and even birth joy and pain as though it belonged to someone you used to be.

112538_tmpj-CMzC_NoneTreat a pastlife you get as real; don’t judge or interpret.

Express pain, horror, shame. Live the main events of the pastlife–death too. See how loss, hurt, guilt, grief, bitterness you felt that life led you to defend, rationalize and avoid resonances this life.

You may image a life opposite yours now. Or see a series—a life when you were enslaved, raped or killed, then a life when you enslaved, raped or slew. Forgive yourself and your antagonists.

You could view a pastlife when you parented the soul who’s now your mother or father. If you’re male, you could view an earlier life where you were female and the women in your life now were men. A parent this life could be a mate in another; your wife now could have been your son in a prior existence.

Let earlier lives show you why you relate as you do this lifetime. Come to peace with yourself and them.




Have relationship problems?
had reversed sex and power roles with your mate
Fear being left, feel insecure?
were deserted, separated in a war, orphaned, sold into slavery, left to starve
Feel depressed, apathetic?
lost a beloved or parent; didn’t complete mourning; killed yourself; gave up in war, mass murder, exile
Fear beasts, fire, water, bugs, knives, disaster, smothering? feel guilty, play martyr?
were hurt and killed by beasts, flames, water, bugs, knives, disaster, smothering made others die
Over-eat, starve, worry about money? starved, were poor or bankrupt
Suffer injuries, physical abuse?
died as a young soldier
Get in family struggles?
were betrayed, bullied, or cheated by relatives
Have sex problems, genital infections or involvement in sex abuse? raped, abused or tortured or were raped, abused or tortured. If abused this life, you image abusing in prior lives.
Have cruel impulses?
were tormented, with sexual undercurrents and want to get even
Have chronic physical ills?
were hurt or killed by trauma to areas now troubling you
Have throat ailments?
denounced someone, held-in thoughts
Have ulcers?
were terrorized
Have neck–aches?
hanged or strangled
Suffer wanderlust or long for homeland?
were exiled, separated from loved ones
Have traumatic labor or birth?
had same kind of trauma at death
Feel victimized?
tortured, tormented, took advantage, killed
Feel ill or depressed at certain times of year?
were killed, hurt, traumatized at that time of year


Lie on your back. Breathe deeply; relax. Think of an emotional, body or relation problem, a painful defeat, a subself you find hard to accept or a time someone abused you.

See a scene, person or image to stand for the abuse, defeat, problem, hurting body part, or subself.

Talk aloud to that person or image; tell it/him/her how you feel about the situation. Let out your feelings.

pastlives 6a00e54efab9508833011168919a42970c-500wiChoose a few words to sum-up your feeling in the problem, defeat or situation. (Example: “It’s my fault.”) Keep saying your sum-up sentence till it takes you back to a story of a prior life.

See the main turning points of the prior life.

Express your thoughts and feelings.

If you get darkness, or no visions, imagine that means you died. Replay the story, just before it darkens.

Forgive yourself and anyone you resented.

Say your last words and thoughts, then relive your death.

pastlives 6a00e54efab95088330112796dbebe28a4-500wiSeparate from the body. As the separated soul, feel peace. Rejoin loved ones who already died. Float with them toward a light.

Meet the karma committee and your guide. They review the lessons you learned in that life.

They tell you how to bring the lessons of that life into this one.

Consider your pastlife imagery experiences and how these experiences may serve you.



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