Jun 1, 2015

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Principle IX ~ Celebrate Our Bodies

Principle IX, CELEBRATE OUR BODIES by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D.

Fathom Your Physical Form

Reflect on your looks and the messages of your body.

Tantra weaves cords from each levels of your consciousness–each level conceived as a chakra–into a magic carpet of thrilling kundalini energy that soars along your spine. You experience yourself as a conscious bridge between the earthly and the spiritual. Tantra activates the safe, the sexy, the powerful, the loving, the communicative, the knowing and the spiritual within you, between you and your beloved, and between you and the world.


Focus on the first chakra, concerned with your body. Observe your body and dialogue with its voices. Accept, nurture and adore it. Treat your body to tantra yoga, which in turn gives you ejaculatory control, multiple orgasm, overall health and the physical experience of the transcendent energy you can share with a beloved.

Feel your physique, its history, needs and voices that affect tantric sex. Create a private, uninterrupted couple of hours in a well-lit sanctum with space to sketch, stretch and sprawl. Provide a full-length and hand-held mirror, and, if female, a speculum.


Prepare a love-nest and set aside several hours when you’re wide awake, without pressing business or concerns. Imagine you prepare to receive and give leisurely, sensitive, unstinting sexual delight to the most important person in your world.

Make the boudoir you create warm and comfortable. Let it contain a stand-up mirror and a large hand-held mirror. Provide sensual music, fragrances, flowers, snacks, sacraments, massage oil or lube and plenty of large, soft towels.

Make sure no phone, delivery person, computer or dropper-by can intrude on the space you create for your tryst with the exalted person you plan to honor. Dress in your sexiest clothes.

Then invite yourself in; you’re the guest, the most important lover you’ll ever have. You.

Turn on the music, relax, imbibe. Stand before the mirror and slowly take off each of your garments. Look at your body objectively


Turn at different angles to the mirror; see yourself from several angles. Watch your whole body flow as you move.

Focus in turn on head, torso, legs, then crown, hair, face, neck, chest, back, belly, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, shins, hands, feet, toes (but save genitals) as you dance to the mirror.

Pick up the hand mirror. See your reflection reflect on your body from every vantage.

As you stand before your image, notice what you like most and least about your body, what you see about your health, your assets and your liabilities.

What do you appreciate about your body? How will you improve your health and appearance?

Identify with your body; become it.

As body, say what’s difficult and what’s satisfying about serving as this soul’s soma.

Say how you feel about the way your person reacts to you.

What would you like her or him to value you for?

What else would you like her or him to know?

Use both mirrors. Look in your orifices.

Focus on, then become your genitals, roleplay your genitals. As Genitals, how do you feel. How did you feel in the mirror examination? What, as Genitals, is your existence as your person’s genitals?

Say what you, as the voice of your body, want and need.

Say “Lam,” touch your rosebud [anal orifice] with your hand and ask your earthy essence to come to your genital shrine for joy.

Chant “Vam,” touch your genitals and invite your Sensual subself.

Say “Ram,” rub your belly and invite the spirit of your inner Strength to join the fun.

Say “Yam,” touch your heart and invoke your Romantic inner voice.

Say “Ham,” inviting your sound-maker-Singer self to be present as you make love to yourself.

Chant “Ooo,” rub your third eye (between your eyebrows) and summons your inner Visioner.

Make the sound “Mmm” and invite your Universal Consciousness to be present too.

Pleasure yourself slowly as you look in your own eyes in the mirror.

Tell yourself aloud how much you love making love to yourself. Say, “I love you dear, [say your name].”

Affirm your deepest devotion as you orgasm.

Practice bandha-breathing.

View lovers masturbatory movements and show yours to them to learn one another’s techniques.

Learn, in Tantra Theosophy instruction:
varieties of self-pleasuring,
male ejaculation control,
female ejaculation,
kundalini quivering and
sustained in-gasms and orgasms.


by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D.

Nude or comfortably dressed, on a thick rug or pad, kneel or sit up straight. Face a mirror and notice how your spine and ribs shift as you expand and contract your lungs. Imagine life’s like breath; you live as you breathe.

Inhale: Breathe in through your nose as you look in your own mirrored eyes. As you inhale, lower your chin slightly and lift the back of your skull. Stretch the back of your neck. Imagine your crown reaches up to the sun or a star. Your skull tugs your top neck bone, the atlas, heavenward. The atlas in turn stretches the axis, the bone below it, up. Axis pulls up the neck bone beneath it. In turn stretch each cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral vertebra up.

Lift your ribs and suck air through your nostrils into your lungs. Direct the air first to the top of your lungs, your upper chest. Then let the tops of your lungs press your middle ribs wider. Fill the space between your shoulder blades with air. Pull your shoulder blades back toward each other. Keep your belly firm as air fills your lower lungs. Still inhaling, lower your diaphragm toward your pelvis. As you complete inhaling, let your diaphragm drop. Curl your tailbone back toward the space behind you.

As you assume chakra yoga postures, you inhale whenever you lift your arms, expand your chest or arch your back. Inhale when you stretch into backward bends or extension positions. Inhale also when you straighten from twists or side-bends.

Exhale: As you breathe out, curl your tail bone forward (to the front of you) and upward–toward your navel–as you pull the front of your sit-bones into the earth. Draw each successive backbone–sacrum to atlas–down toward the earth between your hips. Tighten the muscles of your perineum, then tighten your belly muscles and draw your navel in toward the spine. Ribs, chest and shoulder blades relax downward as your diaphragm rises and pushes air out of the bottom of your lungs.

Experience air flow up and out of your lungs. Imagine that your coccyx and the front of your sit bones root to the center of the planet. Pretend they connect you with the energy of the material world. Exhale when you lower your arms or compress your chest or belly. Breathe out when you stretch into forward bends, twists and side bends. Exhale also when you straighten your back coming out of backward bends.

Regulate your energy level–speed or slow heart and pulse, raise or lower blood pressure with breathing. Just alter the ratio of inhale and exhale. To waken and energize, breathe in longer than out. Longer inhales oxygenate blood, increase heart speed, raise blood pressure. You can mellow out, decrease heart and pulse rate when, for a few minutes, you exhale longer than inhale.


Throat Hold (jalandara bandha; straight neck variation): After each inhale, pull your crown skyward, turn your chin down toward your throat (until the back of your neck straightens). Then exhale slowly, drop your spine and hold your head up.

BELLY HOLD (uddiyana bandha): When you’ve emptied your lungs, suck your navel back toward your spine and pull your belly up toward your throat.

PELVIS HOLD (mula bandha): Tighten then pulse your pubococcygeal and anal muscles. Imagine you pull energy from the earth through your perineum and up through you belly, throat, out your crown, and from you crown to your partner’s or mirror image’s crown.

Benefits: If male, you can control ejaculation with bandhas. Recognize internal cues to ejaculatory inevitability–twinges in your prostrate and seminal vesicles. When you feel the twinges, if you don’t prevent it, you’ll soon squirt. You can avoid squirting without losing your erection if you take six or more bandha breaths–inhale, throat hold; exhale belly hold then pelvis hold. Women with male lovers can teach them the bandhas.

For everyone, bandhas flatten the belly, pull the internal organs up and condition your visceral and lower back muscles.

If you do the yogic breathing with the bandhas for fifteen minutes or so, energy rushes up your spine and your whole body vibrates in a full-body orgasm.

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